"What ever happened to her, anyway?"
I wouldn’t know.”

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I don’t normally do this…


But…this girl here in these pictures here with me is my best friend of all…

She is on tumblr, and I am now promoting her here because she is adorable and wonderful and philosophical and crass all rolled into one. She posts lots of lovely things!

Love her! Follow her!

Her tumblr: dostoevskyanddebauchery.tumblr.com

Also, if you’re looking for me…

(that’s me posing in front of beautiful European landscapes)

You can find my personal blog here!

Things I post: personal nonsense, Glee, Legend of Zelda, Avatar (obviously), Pokémon, philosophy, impressive/gorgeous art and images, landscapes, LGBTQ, liberal politics, music, gay things, sexy men, etc.

Anyway, follow at your own risk ;)

This is me! In case anyone was wondering…

Oh yeah, and my best friend! ^_^

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