Book Two: Spirits, Chapter Thirteen: Darkness Falls

The Lineage: Forever No More

Location: Avatar Spirit Consciousness

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The Rift, Part 1


Hope this works! I scanned it all…so the quality might suck!

I don’t own this, obviously! Just trying to share the comic with some people who asked. It is an awesome read! I quite enjoyed it, to be honest.

Please buy it if you can!

I suppose I’ll share this here…why not right?

Well I guess there’s a very specific reason why not: people who read these scans likely won’t buy the comic itself…yet I think it is much more important to disseminate this material to those who cannot possibly purchase the comic. Yeah, yeah, breakin’ the rules, but you know…

Again, please purchase if you are able!

This graphic novel is going to be great, I just know it.

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Book Two: Spirits, Chapter Nine: The Guide

"Focus, Korra. Focus!"

Location: Statue of Avatar Yangchen, Hall of Statues, Eastern Air Temple

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Vanishing: The Avatar Spirit Bestowed

Location: Cliff, Southern Water Tribe, The South Pole

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Avatars, Past and Present

Location: Cliff, Southern Water Tribe, The South Pole

I noticed an aberration here in the queue of these Past Avatars. After a certain point, the third row actually, they don’t seem to be consistently ordered in the elemental sequence of the Avatar Cycle. This is particularly interesting to me. You can clearly see Avatars from the same Nation standing next to each other, as early as the third row even - to the left hand side there is a male Water Tribe Avatar standing side by side with a female Water Tribe Avatar. Perhaps, then, that certain Avatars have spiritual affinities, are friends or partners in the Spirit World, and, having been abruptly called to support Aang and Korra, they merely materialized without a clear order and in terms of propinquity or spiritual consort.

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