Zaofu in The Terror Within

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Miss one of the few chances to grab a pass to the Korra Party at San Diego Comicon? Well you’re in luck! I have one for purchase! Message for price if interested!

Party Info:
- Starts at 4 pm
- A panel featuring the TV Cast, Creators, and PlatinumGames at 4:45 pm
- Signing at 5:45 pm
- Korra Trivia with prizes at 6 pm

This is a one time only opportunity! My friend already scoped out the venue and it is THE REAL DEAL! The best kind of representation for the show we have yet to see at SDCC!

Message me if interested! Here or via my email:

Thanks! Come test out the game!

This party is today! Not much time to act! It is SUPER EXCLUSIVE! Less than 100 people will be hanging with the cast and crew!

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I have been thinking a lot since the unofficial introduction of Suyin (in the Spanish leaks…so happy to say I prefer her lines in English pheww)…

I see Suyin and Lin Beifong as obvious foils to each other, sure, but what more the two of them, from their personalities right down to their bending styles, mirror the two sides of Metal and, in a way, reflect the two sides of their mother, Toph.

Lin is stubborn, indignant, ruthless, intractable, cold, unyielding. She is Metal as it is refined for reinforcement and support, yet as she assumes these traits she too shoulders a massive mantle of weight.

Suyin is fluid, effusive, genial, affable, bright, understanding. She is Metal as it is refined for conduction and flexibility, and as she assumes these traits she gains the capacity for change.

These two parallel Toph’s two defining characteristics: independence and stubbornness. Suyin, quite lovably, recalls both Toph Beifong’s youthful rebellion as well as her current pursuit of enlightenment, Toph’s acceptance of the past. Suyin has flourished as a free, unfettered, buoyant, unbound. Nothing could stop her, Suyin, and she literally changed the world, just as Toph did.

Lin’s character has calcified in the middle-stage of Toph’s life, it would seem. She is martinet and rigid, upholder of law and righteousness. As ill-mannered as Toph was and as reinforced this was by her stubbornness, Lin is the same when it comes to her rectitude. Her capacity for emotional growth has completely stunted as a result.

They parallel each other, ok!

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Zaofu | City of Metal

Hands down the most creative and grandiose architectural design since we first visited the Northern Water Tribe!

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The Legend of Korra - Book 3 - 3.03 - Scenery Panshots 

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legend of korra scenery meme → blue & purple

legend of korra scenery meme → blue & purple

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ATLA & LOK Scenery - Wan Shi Tong’s Library: Then and Now

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