Book Two: Spirits, Chapter Eleven: Night of a Thousand Stars

Spirits Shift the Tides

Location: Southern Water Tribe Capital, Southern Water Tribe

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ATLATLOK: The Northern and Southern Water Tribes, 70 years difference

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Back to the beginning…

Back to the beginning…

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Early Concept Art for Book 2

The festival used to be a solemn time of fasting and meditation. When this festival was founded, the tribal elders would commune with the spirits. People would watch the brilliant displays of light as spirits danced in the sky. Some now feel it has become”a cheap carnival that celebrates greedy and trivial humans.”


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inspired by thetalesofbasingse’s panshot gifs

inspired by thetalesofbasingse’s panshot gifs

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Beautiful concept art illuminates the upcoming Book 2 of Legend of Korra

So I decided to clean up and edit the photos that were taken of the new concept art at SDCC the other week because 1. I am in love with all of the art regarding this show and 2. I AM DAMN EXCITED FOR BOOK TWO.
Click for larger versions 

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Scenery from Legend of Korra: Welcome to Republic City

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The End

Location: Earth Temple, Southern Water Tribe, The South Pole

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Vanishing: The Avatar Spirit Bestowed

Location: Cliff, Southern Water Tribe, The South Pole

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