Book Two: Spirits, Chapter Eleven: Night of a Thousand Stars

Save the President

Location: Pro-bending Arena, Republic City

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Book Two: Spirits, Chapter Eleven: Night of a Thousand Stars

Slop Cops

Location: Pro-bending Arena, Republic City

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Scenery → 1 gifset per Season


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Book Two: Spirits, Chapter Eleven: Night of a Thousand Stars

Unsuspecting Security

Location: Pro-bending Arena, Republic City

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Book Two: Spirits, Chapter Eleven: Night of a Thousand Stars


Location: Pro-bending Arena, Republic City

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Attack on Titan AU where the main characters are benders using bending-enhanced 3D maneuver gears.

- Waterbenders have a gear equipped with a sizable water tank. They propel themselves with steam or water jets from behind and latch onto buildings with water tendrils projected from the front and then frozen onto the surface of things as an ice grapple. Their water tanks are also designed and attached so, if need be, other Waterbenders can hurl them to safety and out of harm’s way.

- Earthbenders, or traditional ones at least, tend to maintain the walls or work in the police force on the ground. Metalbenders take to the skies with an enhanced 3D gear: longer cables, extra sets of them too, no need for propulsion.

- Firebenders have an steam engine type fixture fastened to their maneuver gears so they can propel themselves with Firebending. There is also the option to channel the propulsion into an enhanced fire jet to be used as a last ditch booster. Their gears have the traditional cable design as well for support.

- Airbenders pretty much fuck shit up on their own since they can fly, but for longer journeys with the Survey Corps, (instead of a glider) Airbenders use a sail-type gear. Anchored to their hips, they have two small wing like sails on the side and a larger, flat tail-fan sail behind them, which allows them sustained flight.

These ideas are obvi to compensate for the fact that benders, save for Airbenders, can’t really get airborne all that easily. Sure Waterbenders can water spout it up, but without a massive amount of water it’s not an option. Oh and Earthbenders can rocket themselves high into the sky, but once they’re there its all what goes up comes down. Firebenders only have limited jet propulsion powers and can only free fly while Comet-powered. Yeah, so this tech would compensate for that, because even with bending, it’d be pretty hard to strike down the Titans from such a terrible angle on the ground.

There you have it, just an idea!

Oh, and nonbenders use the SnK standard gear!

Obvi each bender would attack with different slicing techniques. Waterbenders would be most effective in halting with ice and finishing with slicing water scythes. Traditional Earthbenders could also halt and provide ground defense, or even crush titans from atop the walls. Metalbenders would be particularly keen on finishing, being able to convert their cables into slicers. Firebenders would just have to burn shit I suppose.

Hmmm oh and then Titans COULD BE BENDERS TOO! Only some of the unintelligent ones would bend and just like wreak havoc with no purpose or form to their abilities. The conscious Titan-human shifters would have vastly augmented bending (like Korra or Unalaq in their giant Spirit forms) and they would FUCK SHIT UP.

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Legend of Korra Season 2 + Colors

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Book Two: Spirits, Chapter Eleven: Night of a Thousand Stars

To reclaim

Location: Mountains, Surroundings, Southern Water Tribe Capital

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Book Two: Spirits, Chapter Eleven: Night of a Thousand Stars


Time to photo-journey through the four finale eps! WEEEEEEE

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Raava & Rebirth

"He cannot destroy light any more than I can destroy darkness. One cannot exist without the other."

Jinora’s restoration of Raava’s light within Vaatu and Raava’s resurrection in the finale captured us all. Whether we were moved to tears by the destruction of Wan’s Legion of Avatars or by Korra’s triumph matters not. These moments shattered the Avatar World as we knew it, for better or worse. What more, they were unutterably beautiful.

This gifset honors Raava, yet further posits the future of her existence as the Avatar Spirit as one free of Vaatu’s influence. Recently, a succinct guide to understanding the finale circulated on tumblr purporting the “fact” that Vaatu now resides within Raava in her form as the Avatar Spirit.

I do not believe this was the intended message behind Raava’s Rebirth at all. Cast correctly, light shines upon this moment to portray Korra and the Light Spirit as victors against the most tenebrous Darkness faced by humans or Spirits in 20,000 years!

The point is, and you can read more of my comments in the link I posted above, Korra succeeded in disintegrating UnaVaatu into the cosmos just as Unalaq did to Raava. You see this in the gifs I’ve made. In both instances, spiritually charged Water dissipated the Yin Yang Spirit. This has lasting implications, as we observe. When Korra attempts to emancipate Raava from within Vaatu she finds nothing. Vaatu says to her, “You are looking for something that is gone. Raava has been destroyed.” He is both correct and incorrect. Raava cannot be destroyed entirely because she is the spiritual embodiment of the essential light of the Universe. Her physical form can be, however.

When this happens to a more lasting degree, as in when someone other than Vaatu himself acts to destroy her physical form (and by enhanced spiritual means no less), Raava deteriorates and enters into the cosmos as essential light and nothing more. When Korra employed her Spirit Conversion technique to dissipate Vaatu, she likewise achieved such a more permanent end to Vaatu’s connection with Raava.

Vaatu may be out there, as the essential darkness of the Universe, yet he can in no way return to accost Raava and Korra without the aid of a Spirit agent. Jinora played this role for Raava. By doing so, she saved the World and the Avatar.

So the glorious resurrection of Raava and her restoration as the Avatar Spirit: 1. has nothing to do with Vaatu or Raava and Vaatu’s previous give and take as he is now absent from the Universe as a physical being, 2. gives rise to a new age not of armistice between the separated Spirits of Light and Dark but of renascence and newness, 3. founds the Avatar Spirit on equal grounds with the new Avatar, Korra.

With the help of her human allies, Raava has banished Vaatu as he existed since the beginning of time. And so the cosmos has shifted.

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