Anyone else mystified at how the two greatest guardians of the element of Earth fail to tether him once he has entered the Void?

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Su in the “Enter the Void” trailer 

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Book Two: Spirits, Chapter Twelve: Harmonic Convergence

To Converge

Location: Southern Spirit Portal, Convergence Grounds, Spirit World

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Anonymous said: That anon was me - I don't think Toph is a slut and didn't want to imply anything like that, sorry you misunderstood my wording. We have some really bad LOK haters here, who can't deal with the fact that Aang is not the Avatar anymore, that he's dead. They hate Korra and Bryke for "ruining original characters" (their words, not mine). And I really have a feeling it will be a problem after B3... They got makorra down, they judged Aang, they'll judge Toph. And I don't like it.



So confused…this is still anon!

Also, well if this is the case I haven’t seen any of this hate yet and hadn’t even considered this until I received your message which seemed like you were labeling Toph a slut … I am certainly outright opposed to this. I do however think a large part of the fandom tends to be feminist, female- and sex-positive sooooo here’s hoping what you’ve heard is an angry, ignorant minority lashing out.

Basically though…


she gon have all the baby daddies she wants…

the thrilling saga continues

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Anonymous said: After B3 we're going to have even bigger problem than Aang looking like a bad father - why did they make Toph look like a) a slut or unfaithful woman who had her daughters with 2 different men (or is she a black widow?), b) bad mother, since she left her daughters and is traveling around the world for who know how many years now, without any contact. There'll be also not only "who's Lin's daddy" question, but also "who's the other one's father".


imageDID YOU JUST IMPLY that having more than one child with different men makes you a slut?!?!?!?!

No sorry, will not tolerate anon slutshaming in my inbox…ESPECIALLY NOT OF TOPH!!?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING!!

Just because she had two lovers or two love affairs, both of which resulting in a child yet neither of which resulting in marriage, does not make her a “slut.”

Also, you will see in the new season (I can speak to this specifically since I have seen the leaks) that an entire conversation is dedicated to exonerating Toph as a parent. She had good intentions in her childrearing that perhaps backfired as a result of her children and their personalities, but by no fault of her own. I will not spoil here, but that’s what it meant. It’s obvious you saw the leaks and did not understand the creators’ approach at all.

Yeah…don’t know what to say here really…

Are you kidding me?!?!?!

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Zaofu in the Book Three: Change Trailer

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The Legend of Korra
Book Three: Change, Trailer Stills

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Book Two: Spirits, Chapter Eleven: Night of a Thousand Stars

Man of Substance

Location: Pro-bending Arena, Republic City

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Book Two: Spirits, Chapter Nine: The Guide

"Once a Triple Threat, always a Triple Threat!"

Location: Mako’s Apartment, Republic City, United Republic

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