Opening shots of each book of The Legend of Korra

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Endgame (1x12) | Korra Alone (4x02)

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Photography in The Legend of Korra

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If there’s one thing I learned on the beat it’s that I am literally too good to be true. I am the best human ever made. Literally. What am I even doing here still talking to trash like you? Toph Everliving Beifong (via element-of-change)
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Book Four: Balance, Chapter Three: The Coronation

Korra Scenery

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korra alone + scenery

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The Avatar’s Journey.

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Katara and Trauma

"And I promise you, if you dedicate yourself to getting better, you’ll recover stronger than ever."

In my opinion, the trauma Katara experienced in losing her mother and coping with this parallels the many traumas endured on her journeys with Aang. To hold your beloved, lifeless in your arms, and yet to conjure from within the power to revive him. Can any of us even imagine?

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