As long as I’m breathing, it’s not over.

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The Ultimatum: Warm vs Cool colors

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The Gaang would be devastated to see Ba Sing Se in its current state.

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Suddenly in these moments, the burden of their father and mother - that is the burden of the former generation that rose beneath the weight of one-hundred years of war to topple that mantle and shape the world anew - crashes upon them.

Kya has great acumen and strength, yet not the ingenuity or ferocity (the kind her mother possessed) to stand against a foe so wild. Bumi scrambles for his life. Tenzin, stoic sentinel of his father’s legacy, rises as his father did only to be crushed under such force of such an overwhelming team of adversaries, such an overwhelming newness unleashed upon the world.

I chose to highlight these few moments of glimmering hope and victory for the three children of Katara and Aang as I am in such denial. The change we once cheered for from these radicals, The Red Lotus, is about to come down on our whole cast of characters in the worst way. It already has…

In many ways, this last episode was everything I so eagerly anticipated. The match-ups here, the dueling. It was pulse-pounding yet mind-numbing! I can’t breathe till I see what happens when the Beifong BAMFs and Korra take the stage next week…

In short…TLoK, wow, just wow. More than I ever could have hoped.

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There is always a choice.

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Su in the “Enter the Void” trailer 

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Ba Sing Se in flames.

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Kai and Tenzin Parallel

The novice and the master…each uses an airshield to defend against P’Li’s combustion. Kai curls into the attack, it’s his only chance at survival, whereas Tenzin shrouds himself in a cyclone likely preparing to retaliate against his assailants and survives P’Li’s blast as he shielded himself for any possible affront.

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My Analysis on Korra’s Spiritual Growth and Self-Actualization



Korra is probably the most scrutinized character in The Legend of Korra (apart from the fan-favorite Mako) and it’s expected since she’s the main protagonist. As a successor to Aang legacy in both the Avatar universe and the fandom itself there’s a lot of things expected of her. Thus, her characterization and decisions in these past two seasons spurned a variety of reactions from the audience, both positive and negative.

Judging from fan reactions, Korra received the most intense hate at the beginning of Book 2 due to the way she treated her father, her mentor Tenzin and Mako and because of the way she reacted in the events that unfolded. Surprisingly, that was the period I fell in love with her character.

It’s a general consensus that Korra developed in the latter half of Book 2  but I feel that her characterization prior to that received disproportionate criticism instead of recognition and credit. In this analysis, I’ll discuss why Korra is a complex and complicated character with multiple layers. My analysis do not aim to explain all of Korra’s actions not excuse her mistakes, but rather to provide insight on the depth of her character. For an essay defending her character, check this one.

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