Anonymous said: Hey, I was wondering if you'd recommend watching LOK? I remember watching up to the beginning of the second season and just being extremely disappointed at the plot line and how the characters behaved. I don't know, it just seemed, childish compared to ATLA. I'm considering continuing with LOK but I'm not sure?



Dear Anon,

I will now pontificate on the boons of Book Two: Spirits.


  • While some of the writing, in terms of character development and (more importantly for me at least) dialogue, was quite unsatisfactory and shoddy, the dynamics of the season are compelling.
  • If you only watched halfway through Book Two you likely did not see the visually scintillating Origin Story episodes detailing how the Avatar came to be. Beginnings was worldbuilder’s gold. That storyline harkens back to Avatar in a way Korra never had before. If handled disappointingly in terms of its introduction and some of its dialogue, the tale of Avatar Wan was unforgettable.
  • Everything after the midseason masterpiece Beginnings is, well, really quite good, especially the challenging, symbolic, and masterfully paced four-part finale. Book Two: Spirits hooks with its opener eps, devolves into a confusing battle-less civil war paired with Roaring Twenties “movers” nonsense, then really shapes up after the main conflict is introduced. In my opinion this, the main conflict of Spiritual strife and celestial inevitability, should have been more of a focus. It comes together at the end; this, no one can deny.

In all, watch Book Two for these reasons or more importantly…

WATCH BOOK TWO TO GET TO BOOK THREE BECAUSE BOOK THREE: CHANGE IS AS GOOD AS AVATAR WAS NO LIE! I have seen six of the thirteen third-season eps and they are SO MUCH BETTER WRITTEN! The last of these eps, ep six, is actually my favorite ep of Korra and I sense it will ONLY CONTINUE TO IMPROVE!

Thank you so much for your question! I hope I have adequately persuaded you to press on through the three or four shitty eps of Book Two and towards the end of the season.

yeah…hmmmm my brief review of Book Two: Spirits?

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ATLA & LOK Scenery - Wan Shi Tong’s Library: Then and Now

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BK: Guru Pathik used the cascading pools of water as an illustration of the pools of energy in the body’s chakras. Background design by Elsa Garagarza. Painting by Bryan Evans. 


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so far in Book 3 the creators have given us A LOT of what we want

  • first, yeah KORRASAMI even if it’s friendship, hell I am ON BOARD for all the lady love we can get, platonic or…otherwise hehe
  • oh yeah that thing about an orienting conflict that drives the plot in one direction instead of six? yeah that thing’s pretty importante
  • not to mention they damn sexy and unqualifiedly unique and badass
  • Zuko.
  • Dragon.
  • playful dialogue and SHENANIGANS

and just you unleaked fuckers wait FOR THE NEXT EPS better all the way



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Tenzin’s Signature: The Air Wheel

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Anonymous said: After B3 we're going to have even bigger problem than Aang looking like a bad father - why did they make Toph look like a) a slut or unfaithful woman who had her daughters with 2 different men (or is she a black widow?), b) bad mother, since she left her daughters and is traveling around the world for who know how many years now, without any contact. There'll be also not only "who's Lin's daddy" question, but also "who's the other one's father".


imageDID YOU JUST IMPLY that having more than one child with different men makes you a slut?!?!?!?!

No sorry, will not tolerate anon slutshaming in my inbox…ESPECIALLY NOT OF TOPH!!?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING!!

Just because she had two lovers or two love affairs, both of which resulting in a child yet neither of which resulting in marriage, does not make her a “slut.”

Also, you will see in the new season (I can speak to this specifically since I have seen the leaks) that an entire conversation is dedicated to exonerating Toph as a parent. She had good intentions in her childrearing that perhaps backfired as a result of her children and their personalities, but by no fault of her own. I will not spoil here, but that’s what it meant. It’s obvious you saw the leaks and did not understand the creators’ approach at all.

Yeah…don’t know what to say here really…

Are you kidding me?!?!?!

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Today I met Bryan Konietzko for the first time! His signing event went off without a hitch! What more, attendees bid on every print on auction! It was a wild success. The prints were positively scintillating!

Bryan Konietzko couldn’t be more generous with his talent and time. The sign-meet-and-greet event was meant to last from 11 AM to 12:30 PM, after which Bryan was meant to leave, but he stayed till even after I left at around 2 PM. I was told he didn’t leave until 3:30 PM! Are you kidding!? He stayed 3 EXTRA HOURS just to make sure all of the unexpected fans in attendance could get what they came for, his signature and maybe a pic? Wow.

Glowing testimonial much? Yup. He is an incredible person.

Above are several of the many photos I took today! Bryan drew Master Pakku for me, which was apparently a first haha.

I also met two amazing people there! Great fans! I’ll have to tag them on here after we connect online.

I bid on one of the pieces! Wish me luck on winning the Book Two: Earth print!

Forgot to share this here too!


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ATLA Scenery - Fire Nations Ships - Zuko’s vs Aang’s Room

who doesn’t want more of this?

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ATLA Scenery - Water, Earth, Fire, Air

"Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony…"

Hrmmm curious how the Fire example technically depicts the Earth Kingdom

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