A cold wind was blowing from the north, and it made the water rustle like living things.

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eskalations favorite avatar episodes - 3. the storm

"I know it's meant to be this way. the world needs you now. you give people hope."
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Katara and Trauma

"And I promise you, if you dedicate yourself to getting better, you’ll recover stronger than ever."

In my opinion, the trauma Katara experienced in losing her mother and coping with this parallels the many traumas endured on her journeys with Aang. To hold your beloved, lifeless in your arms, and yet to conjure from within the power to revive him. Can any of us even imagine?

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eskalations favorite avatar episodes - 2. the crossroads of destiny

"don't flatter yourself. you were never even a player."
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Atla Meme - Nine Episodes

The Fortuneteller [7/9]
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The Avatar and Genocide

Katara’s Remembrance


Katara’s instrumental role here will never be forgotten…

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you have no idea how excited I am to see Toph. 

but wait…Kuvira’s from Zaofu…she could have even met Toph before Toph went into isolation…

oh yeah, that’s what we were just talking about over here

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Beautiful Legend of Korra world map.. In iPhone wallpaper version!


Beautiful Legend of Korra world map.. In iPhone wallpaper version!

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well I’ve bothered my friends with this talk but haven’t said it and haven’t seen it anywhere

I just really love how, even from what little we’ve seen, Book 4 seems to mirror Book 1 in form for Korra

Both already have the things

 - Korra runs away from home in search of something she lacks

 - Korra has this preconceived notion of her role as the Avatar

 - Korra will inevitably work through these issues…

 - Korra is seen to be plagued by anxiety and nightmares in the process

Of course some of these are direct inversions, but I love how they serve to finally solidify Korra’s charater

Yeah, Book One Korra had delusions of grandeur for her role as Avatar and saw these shaken throughout the first season, whereas Book Four Korra has lost all faith in her role as Avatar and will likely see this restored as she will be needed as the most powerful political agent. Inverted yet in line with a consistent characterization…

I love how we have already seen the parallelism here even in one episode, a fistful of clips, and a trailer.

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