ATLA Scenery - Water, Earth, Fire, Air

"Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony…"

Hrmmm curious how the Fire example technically depicts the Earth Kingdom

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The Rift, Part 1


Hope this works! I scanned it all…so the quality might suck!

I don’t own this, obviously! Just trying to share the comic with some people who asked. It is an awesome read! I quite enjoyed it, to be honest.

Please buy it if you can!

I suppose I’ll share this here…why not right?

Well I guess there’s a very specific reason why not: people who read these scans likely won’t buy the comic itself…yet I think it is much more important to disseminate this material to those who cannot possibly purchase the comic. Yeah, yeah, breakin’ the rules, but you know…

Again, please purchase if you are able!

This graphic novel is going to be great, I just know it.

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Avatar + Water Tribe + Scenery Porn | Requested by edkennedys

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Gates of The Four Nations

Gates, doors, walls…barriers, tempered or manipulated by each of the four elements, designed to protect.

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Attack on Titan AU where the main characters are benders using bending-enhanced 3D maneuver gears.

- Waterbenders have a gear equipped with a sizable water tank. They propel themselves with steam or water jets from behind and latch onto buildings with water tendrils projected from the front and then frozen onto the surface of things as an ice grapple. Their water tanks are also designed and attached so, if need be, other Waterbenders can hurl them to safety and out of harm’s way.

- Earthbenders, or traditional ones at least, tend to maintain the walls or work in the police force on the ground. Metalbenders take to the skies with an enhanced 3D gear: longer cables, extra sets of them too, no need for propulsion.

- Firebenders have an steam engine type fixture fastened to their maneuver gears so they can propel themselves with Firebending. There is also the option to channel the propulsion into an enhanced fire jet to be used as a last ditch booster. Their gears have the traditional cable design as well for support.

- Airbenders pretty much fuck shit up on their own since they can fly, but for longer journeys with the Survey Corps, (instead of a glider) Airbenders use a sail-type gear. Anchored to their hips, they have two small wing like sails on the side and a larger, flat tail-fan sail behind them, which allows them sustained flight.

These ideas are obvi to compensate for the fact that benders, save for Airbenders, can’t really get airborne all that easily. Sure Waterbenders can water spout it up, but without a massive amount of water it’s not an option. Oh and Earthbenders can rocket themselves high into the sky, but once they’re there its all what goes up comes down. Firebenders only have limited jet propulsion powers and can only free fly while Comet-powered. Yeah, so this tech would compensate for that, because even with bending, it’d be pretty hard to strike down the Titans from such a terrible angle on the ground.

There you have it, just an idea!

Oh, and nonbenders use the SnK standard gear!

Obvi each bender would attack with different slicing techniques. Waterbenders would be most effective in halting with ice and finishing with slicing water scythes. Traditional Earthbenders could also halt and provide ground defense, or even crush titans from atop the walls. Metalbenders would be particularly keen on finishing, being able to convert their cables into slicers. Firebenders would just have to burn shit I suppose.

Hmmm oh and then Titans COULD BE BENDERS TOO! Only some of the unintelligent ones would bend and just like wreak havoc with no purpose or form to their abilities. The conscious Titan-human shifters would have vastly augmented bending (like Korra or Unalaq in their giant Spirit forms) and they would FUCK SHIT UP.

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Waterbending Masters in A:TLA and TLoK

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Katara’s Waterbending: From Beginning to End

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Viewing Korra


Rounding the track for the fifth time on what I’m calling the four-part finale of Korra, I queued up the last two eps episodes on, since ep. 214 still isn’t on iTunes, and I saw a comment. I don’t know how old the commenter is, could’ve come from anyone, but it said, “best show ever.” A simply put superlative that really shocked me right then. Couldn’t stop from thinking…

Wait, but actually is Korra the best show ever?

No, obviously not because Avatar: The Last Airbender is a thing.

Right, of course, this is the most PLAINLY obvious thing in the history of time. But that acknowledged, is this franchise the best franchise on television and originally from television?

I’m calling it: yes. There isn’t a franchise of such broad base appeal and such a brilliantly creative, culturally eclectic, and thoughtfully imaginative fiction universe with its inception in television. It is literally the best show.

See, you can pick your poison with television, live or animated, that’s fine by me. This isn’t about fandoms. Because honestly, there isn’t anyone I know who’s sat down to an episode of A:TLA and reviewed it as anything less than sheerly brilliant.

And I truly believe this stands for Korra. I think it stands hard. I’m just thinking of this, you know, since I imagined the commenter as a young kid…


Hell, can you iMAGInE WATCHING THE A:TLA FINALE AT AGE TWELVEI?I?I?I don’t know about everyone else, but I was already like 17 when the A:TLA finale aired. I thought it was THE COOLEST THING IN THE HISTORY OF TELEVISION!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I have my reservations about Korra: in so many ways it fails to live up to my expectations. But this is only because my expectations are OBSCENELY HIGH! Every time a jagged line of dialogue affronts me as it grates from my scream I SHED TEARS FOR MY PERFECTLY CAST AND CHARACTERIZED GAANG BBIES! Every time. It happens every single time.

A:TLA was flawless.


Korra is so close to that level, though! The sequel’s but an infinitesimal bit below A:TLA, but it really is THAT GOOD. It is. HOW MUCH BETTER HAS IT GOTTEN!?!! Let’s be honest, this Book Two finale was UNGODLY LEVELS OF GOOD. It came close to the A:TLA series finale for me, and I know I’m not alone here.

Now, I think we’ve just got to reflect a bit more often. Look back and see how far we’ve come with this franchise and HOW UNSPEAKABLY AMAZING ITS ARTWORK AND ITS STORIES ARE.

Now look at what’s right here. What I’m rewatching for the second of one too many times in a week.

We need to realize how cultivated our senses for entertainment are, of course, cultivated in the experience of such matchless works as Avatar.

I’m not trying to diminish anyone’s experience, when I say this, especially not anyone younger than me. I’m just saying, there comes a point when your appreciation and comprehension and critique of entertainment shifts radically. It advances whether you like it or not. That this show can be so satisfying to anyone of any taste in narrative entertainment is one of the most impressive things to me. The end.

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"A little light in every cup."

"A little light in every cup."

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