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I present to you the Earth Kingdom city of Oma…wait wrong series… 

Check out this amazing shots of Zaofu — The City of Metal.  

See the entire clip here.  

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I have been thinking a lot since the unofficial introduction of Suyin (in the Spanish leaks…so happy to say I prefer her lines in English pheww)…

I see Suyin and Lin Beifong as obvious foils to each other, sure, but what more the two of them, from their personalities right down to their bending styles, mirror the two sides of Metal and, in a way, reflect the two sides of their mother, Toph.

Lin is stubborn, indignant, ruthless, intractable, cold, unyielding. She is Metal as it is refined for reinforcement and support, yet as she assumes these traits she too shoulders a massive mantle of weight.

Suyin is fluid, effusive, genial, affable, bright, understanding. She is Metal as it is refined for conduction and flexibility, and as she assumes these traits she gains the capacity for change.

These two parallel Toph’s two defining characteristics: independence and stubbornness. Suyin, quite lovably, recalls both Toph Beifong’s youthful rebellion as well as her current pursuit of enlightenment, Toph’s acceptance of the past. Suyin has flourished as a free, unfettered, buoyant, unbound. Nothing could stop her, Suyin, and she literally changed the world, just as Toph did.

Lin’s character has calcified in the middle-stage of Toph’s life, it would seem. She is martinet and rigid, upholder of law and righteousness. As ill-mannered as Toph was and as reinforced this was by her stubbornness, Lin is the same when it comes to her rectitude. Her capacity for emotional growth has completely stunted as a result.

They parallel each other, ok!

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Zaofu | City of Metal

Hands down the most creative and grandiose architectural design since we first visited the Northern Water Tribe!

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The Legend of Korra - Book 3 - 3.03 - Scenery Panshots 

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Anonymous said: Hey, I was wondering if you'd recommend watching LOK? I remember watching up to the beginning of the second season and just being extremely disappointed at the plot line and how the characters behaved. I don't know, it just seemed, childish compared to ATLA. I'm considering continuing with LOK but I'm not sure?



Dear Anon,

I will now pontificate on the boons of Book Two: Spirits.


  • While some of the writing, in terms of character development and (more importantly for me at least) dialogue, was quite unsatisfactory and shoddy, the dynamics of the season are compelling.
  • If you only watched halfway through Book Two you likely did not see the visually scintillating Origin Story episodes detailing how the Avatar came to be. Beginnings was worldbuilder’s gold. That storyline harkens back to Avatar in a way Korra never had before. If handled disappointingly in terms of its introduction and some of its dialogue, the tale of Avatar Wan was unforgettable.
  • Everything after the midseason masterpiece Beginnings is, well, really quite good, especially the challenging, symbolic, and masterfully paced four-part finale. Book Two: Spirits hooks with its opener eps, devolves into a confusing battle-less civil war paired with Roaring Twenties “movers” nonsense, then really shapes up after the main conflict is introduced. In my opinion this, the main conflict of Spiritual strife and celestial inevitability, should have been more of a focus. It comes together at the end; this, no one can deny.

In all, watch Book Two for these reasons or more importantly…

WATCH BOOK TWO TO GET TO BOOK THREE BECAUSE BOOK THREE: CHANGE IS AS GOOD AS AVATAR WAS NO LIE! I have seen six of the thirteen third-season eps and they are SO MUCH BETTER WRITTEN! The last of these eps, ep six, is actually my favorite ep of Korra and I sense it will ONLY CONTINUE TO IMPROVE!

Thank you so much for your question! I hope I have adequately persuaded you to press on through the three or four shitty eps of Book Two and towards the end of the season.

yeah…hmmmm my brief review of Book Two: Spirits?

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legend of korra scenery meme → blue & purple

legend of korra scenery meme → blue & purple

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ATLA & LOK Scenery - Wan Shi Tong’s Library: Then and Now

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Wan exploring the world

Wan exploring the world

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